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We are so happy to announce the launch of our free educational service,

There are many good quotes to help people in many occasion, however many of them are in different languages, and there are not many books nor websites introducing good quotes in Myanmar language, Burmese.

Thanks to our volunteered staffs, we have translated over 1,600 quotes from all over the world with our best of ability. About 500 quotes are with beautiful pictures and they are categorized into many.

Sponsors wanted!

As we have been spending big amount of hearts and efforts, we would now like to have some sponsors to help us maintain this great website. Sponsors will be provided with spaces in our website to put your banners to link to your website, and also will be provided to use some of our pictures for your company’s publishings.

If you are interested, please contact us. It is a great CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well. Contact us for a sponsorship.

Medias are welcome!

If you have an educational magazine, we would love to provide you the original pictures as your article weekly/monthly with a little bit of terms and conditions.


Contact us for more details on for media.


来る8月31日(木)に東証一部上場 株式会社ユーグレナ 代表取締役 出雲充氏による講演会&懇親会が行います。






We are proud to annouce our new product “CUE TICKETS”. CUE TICKETS will provide Myanmar people a better easier ways to buy tickets. Also the best way for organizer to enhance their ticket sales! ミャンマーに新しいサービスが生まれました。今まではチケットの販売所まで行かなくては入手できなかったチケットや、割高の当日券で済ませていたのが、お近くの販売代理店でも購入できるようになりました!

SukiTV Myanmar

By associating one of the biggest newspaper company, we are introducing Japanese POP culture to Myanmar.