Car Rental Service Launched!

Car rental service in Myanmar!

We are proud to announce that our car rental service had finally launched. There are many car rental services in Myanmar now, however our service is very much different from the others.

We have over 300 registered drivers and over 100 cars to arrange with our partners. You can ask for a small car to bus, from a day trip to annual contract, we will arrange it for you as you wish.

You can ask for only driver, only a car, and of course both.

Visit our brand-new website and see 300 drivers with video!


1st QBBQ party

Our company provide opportunities such as bbq party and company outing throughout the year for employees to relax and attach with coworkers outside of the office environment.

We made bbq party at the rooftop on December 7 2016.  We help each other for making bbq, clean up the rooftop, carrying table and chairs for the guests. It was really fun and we brought our family members and friends.  We enjoy the time together. This  gatherings  is as a sign that the company values their employee’s family connections.


We are proud to annouce our new product “CUE TICKETS”. CUE TICKETS will provide Myanmar people a better easier ways to buy tickets. Also the best way for organizer to enhance their ticket sales! ミャンマーに新しいサービスが生まれました。今まではチケットの販売所まで行かなくては入手できなかったチケットや、割高の当日券で済ませていたのが、お近くの販売代理店でも購入できるようになりました!

SukiTV Myanmar

By associating one of the biggest newspaper company, we are introducing Japanese POP culture to Myanmar.